George Soros Spent Millions On Virginia Prosecutor Races

George Soros Spent Millions On Virginia Prosecutor
George Soros spent millions on Virginia prosecutor races in 2019. (Flickr Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung)

All four of the Virginia prosecutor candidates backed by billionaire George Soros were victorious in Tuesday nights elections.

Soros and other Democrat donors spent millions on the prosecutor races before the election in a push to overhaul the state’s criminal justice system. Laura Ingraham also weighed in on it.

Soros spent $1.2 million on House Delegates and Senate races in the Virginia commonwealth and also funneled in $2 million to the four Democrat prosecutor candidates calling for an end to the death penalty and criminal justice reform.

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This could lead to a major shift in the justice system in the commonwealth of Virginia. Among the candidates backed by Soros was Buta Biberaj, a Democrat running in the Loudon County attorney race. Biberaj pocketed almost $850,000 from the Justice and Public Safety PAC, a D.C. based committee financed by Soros. This is the largest donation that the Democrat received in the race.

Biberaj’s largest donor was a committee with donations from Billionaire George Soros. (Buta Biberaj)

Biberaj beat out Republican attorney Nicole Wittman in a close race at 51% to 49%.

Biberaj got an $18,000 in kind donation from the New Virginia Majority, a group that received $75,000 from Soros’ Justice and Public Safety PAC.

Steve Descano received $600,000 from a Soros PAC. Descano beat Jonathan Fahey by 61% to 38%.

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Soros has spent money outside of Virginia. he recently funded district attorney and prosecutor races in California, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, and New Mexico.

Soros also spent $1.2 million in Virginia from his Democracy PAC, a committee established this year in the 2020 election. It backs candidates in House of Delegate and Senate races.

Virginia is a powerful state full of prominent donors and organizations and there was more than $13 million that flowed in from individuals and entities in the last race.

UPDATE: The original title on Facebook was changed to reflect a subject error. The word “races” was supposed to be replaced by “candidates.”

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