Sara Sotak Talks Obama And Cancel Culture, Charlie Kirk And Twitter Drama

Sara Sotak discusses Obama
Sara Sotak is a youtube personality that you can watch over on Youtube at Forbitten Speech.

In Today on Twitter, Sara Sotak discusses the latest and “greatest” that Twitter has to offer as well as how former president Barack Obama angered many leftist “activists” when he identified them as nothing more then keyboard warriors.

He offered a valid criticism of their tactics, explaining that their “cancel culture” was not actually accomplishing anything at all. While I disagree with many things that he has done, I am also a firm believer that having an open dialogue is the best way to achieve progress as a society.

Following this I discuss the sinister nature of the pro-choice movement showcased with a truly gruesome video that celebrates abortion. A man dressed in drag with a faux pregnant belly created a spectacle by cutting open his prop and removing everything, blood, baby, and all. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he literally showered himself in the gore to the applause of the crowd. A real class act.

Finally, I weigh in on the situation occurring with Charlie Kirk’s #TPUSA organization and former leader Jaden McNiel. McNiel was a student leader in TPUSA’s Kansas branch who resigned because of the ideological hypocrisy of the organization in the recent time. McNiel specifically took aim at Kirk for censoring the organization’s voice and not putting America first. This has ignited significant criticism of the organization online that is making people take second look at Kirk and TPUSA as a whole.

Hi, I am Sara Sotak! I am a young Conservative content creator who immigrated from “socialist” Denmark in 2018. I’ve come full circle from being an activist Anarchist Leftist; it has given me true perspective on the dangers these ideologies possess! I love America and the values it was built upon. My mission is to fight for the constitutional freedoms of this country!

I am a daughter of Iranian immigrants to Denmark and mother to a wonderful son. You can find me on most platforms at SaraSotak.

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