Republicans Elect Daniel Cameron as Kentucky’s First Black Attorney General

Kentucky Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron
Kentucky Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron

On Tuesday night Republicans in Kentucky elected Daniel Cameron as the first-ever black Attorney General in the state’s history. Cameron is also the first Republican Attorney General of Kentucky since 1948.

Not only did Attorney General-elect Cameron win his Tuesday elect, but he also won it by an incredible 15 points with 774,864 votes. That means he received more votes than either Andy Beshear (D) or Matt Bevin (R), the governor candidates in the race, who received 711,955 votes and 707,297 votes respectively.

Daniel Cameron’s massive and historic win follows President Donald Trump’s Monday night Get Out the Vote rally in Lexington.

Despite the purpose of the rally being to boost the numbers of incumbent Governor Matt Bevin, Trump’s presence led many Republicans to strong victories. Danie Cameron even made an incredible speech at Trump’s rally where he declared Kentucky as “Trump Country”.

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Other major Republican victories in Kentucky last night include:

  • Republican attorney and former elections board member Michael Adams was elected as Kentucky’s next secretary of state
  • Republican Mike Harmon was re-elected as Kentucky auditor
  • Republican Ryan Quarles was re-elected as Kentucky commissioner of agriculture
  • Republican incumbent Allison Ball won a second term as Kentucky’s treasurer

Matt Bevin’s close loss was unfortunate but not surprising since, according to FOX News, he polls lower than any other Governor in the United States in his own state. He has announced he will challenge the results, which were deemed too close to call by the Associated Press.

In the words of Donald Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale:

“President Trump’s rally helped five of six Kentucky Republicans win clear statewide victories, including Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron, who will be the first black A.G. in Kentucky history and the first Republican to hold the office since 1948.”

“The President just about dragged Gov. Matt Bevin across the finish line, helping him run stronger than expected in what turned into a very close race at the end. A final outcome remains to be seen.”

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It is unlikely that the final decision on the Kentucky Gubernatorial race will be decided quickly. However, with such a huge win for Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron, Republicans have plenty to celebrate.


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