Fox Host Steve Hilton Accuses Marie Harf Of Covering Up Ukraine Corruption

Steve Hilton And Marie Harf
Fox News host of the Next Revolution Steve Hilton got in a verbal spat with former Obama-Kerry State department live on TV.

Fox News host of the Next Revolution Steve Hilton got in a verbal spat with former Obama-Kerry State department live on TV. During the segment, Hilton laid out a case that the Obama administration did corrupt things in Ukraine on a segment for Outnumbered on Monday.

Watch the tense moment below.

Steve Hilton And Marie Harf
Fox News Host Steve Hilton Accuses Colleague Marie Harf of ‘Covering Up the Corruption’ of Bidens in a recent Fox News segment Monday. (Fox)

Fox News was forced to cut away to a press conference featuring Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) about the impeachment investigation into President Trump.

Steve Hilton Outnumbered
Steve Hilton accused Marie Harf of covering up the corruption that happened under Obama’s state department. (Fox News)

Hilton spoke specifically about the hiring of Ukraine gas company Burisma of Hunter Biden and a former chief of staff for Secretary of State John Kerry, David Leiter.

Marie Harf shot back at steve hilton
Harf immediately responded and shot back that Hilton was making it all up whole cloth. (Fox News)

Hilton said that U.S. taxpayer money was funneled to Ukraine and Burisma by then Vice President Joe Biden and John Kerry.

Watch the moment below.

“Are you kidding me?!?!” Harf yells at one point.

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“The only real corruption allegation is against Joe Biden,” Hilton yelled. “He supervised Ukraine policy, supervised billions of dollars of aid that went from the U.S. Taxpayer to Ukraine. Much of that went to a gas company paying his son. How much money did Joe Biden channel to his son’s business?”

Hilton accused the state department of covering it up.

Harf responded, “There’s no evidence that anything you said [is true], I worked at the State Department then.”

“Well you’re covering up the corruption, too. You defend it,” Hilton shot back.

Harf shouted back: “Are you kidding me?!”

“I am on this couch with you covering the news,” she added. “Please don’t accuse me of covering something up.”

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“You are,” insisted Hilton, who hosts Fox’s The Next Revolution. “Because you are saying there’s no evidence I’ve just given you.”

Hilton and Harf continued to debate in more civil terms later in the show.


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