Joy Behar: Trump Voters Stupid, Rallies Full Of Paid Actors

Joy Behar Calls Trump Voters Stupid
Host Of The View Joy Behar called Trump supporters stupid and called Trump's rallies fake. (The View)

Host of “The View” Joy Behar made a statement that is going viral on a most recent episode where she insulted Trump voters and called his rallies fake. Watch the video by scrolling down.

On Friday’s episode of The View, the host said that a recent Trump 2020 campaign ad was full of paid actors “just like the ones who go to his rallies.”

The hosts of the show also took time to whine about President Trump’s son’s Halloween costume for being insensitive to animals.

Behar said this while wearing a black sweater saying “Quid Pro Quo.”

The hosts then announced their happiness that Trump moved his residence to Florida instead of New York Ana Navarro abstained from attacking the President.

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Behar said that Floridians would grow to not like Trump now that he lives there drawing a parallel to the fact that New York didn’t vote for Trump in 2016.

“When he lived in New York, New York did not vote for him. Now they’re going to get to know him a lot in Florida, they will not vote for him there either!” she gushed. The hosts then insulted a recent Trump ad.

President Trump visits Tupelo, Mississippi
President Trump held a rally in Tupelo, Mississippi Friday to a packed house. (Twitter)

“There was not one black woman in that ad!” Hostin gushed, repeating “They couldn’t pay a black actress, enough money to be in it!”

Joy Behar then said that Trump’s rallies are fake too: “To me that says that the Republican party thinks that their constituents are stupid because it says nothing. Those are all paid actors just like the ones who go to his rally.”

Behar ended the episode saying that if Trump is not impeached then everything will go to hell.

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“If he gets away with this, who’s to say he can’t get away with anything? He’ll go into your taxes if you disagree with him. The next president can break all the laws. Americans need to understand what’s at stake here. It’s not just your pocketbook and, you know, they get whatever he said they’re getting, tax breaks. It’s the constitution. It’s the environment!”


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