Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin Claim Black Republicans are “Paid Actors”

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar Suggest Black Women Don't Support Trump
Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar Suggest Black Women Don't Support Trump

The two furthest left hosts on The View, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar insulted black Republican women during a segment this week.

Hosting and Beyhar both agreed that people in a Trump ad must be paid actors. They added that no black women were in that particular ad because “they couldn’t pay a black actress enough money” to be in it.

Joy Behar was ranting about President Trump’s recent decision to move his primary residence from New York City to Florida. She said:

“When he lived in New York, New York did not vote for him. Now they’re going to get to know him a lot in Florida, they will not vote for him there either!”

Sunny Hostin joined in to declare that no real black women will support Trump for President.

“There was not one black woman in that ad! They couldn’t pay a black actress enough money to be in it!”

Behar then agreed with Hostin’s racial assertion, adding that it means Republicans “are stupid”. She said:

“To me that says that the Republican party thinks that their constituents are stupid because it says nothing. Those are all paid actors just like the ones who go to his rally.”

However, President Trump does have several prominent black female supporters such as Lucretia Hughes, Candace Owens, and Diamond and Silk.

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He has also seen his support amongst black voters rising recently after he began touting the successes of his administration.

Under the leadership of President Donald Trump, black unemployment is at 50-year lows and black youth unemployment is at the lowest records in recorded history.

Donald Trump has also made huge changes in the realm of criminal justice reform with his First Step Act.

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Trump’s First Step Act reduced the sentencing penalty for federal offenders who committed non-violent crimes.

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