Thousands Already Implanting Human Microchip To Replace Cash, Identification

Human microchipping in sweden
Human microchipping is becoming more popular around the world as covered by an NBC video from Sweden.

NBC Nightly News went to Sweden to talk about the human microchip implant technology that tens of thousands have used in the Nordic nation.

The human microchip is implanted in the hand of the user and is used instead of car keys, identification, and as a way to purchase goods.

The Book of Revelations speaks about the mark of the beast being implanted into the hand or forehead of people. Those that do not have the mark will not be able to purchase goods or services.

The microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice.
It gets injected right into the web of the hand. (PBS)

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“In the vision, all those who worshipped the image received a mark on their right hand or forehead. This mark was the name of the beast or a number representing the name (Revelation 13:16).”

“In the vision of the messages to the seven churches of Asia, Jesus had promised to write upon every one of his followers his new and heavenly name (Revelation 3:12-18 cf Revelation 14:1). Not to be outdone, the beast writes his own name upon those who follow him.”

“We cannot wear both names, nor can we reject both names. We must choose our mark —either the name of God and his kingdom, or the name of the beast and his kingdom. We are citizens in one or the other.”

The NBC journalist made sure to point out that the service is voluntary. There are multiple dystopian stories that have explored the idea of microchipping, but it is now looking closer to real life.

“When Elias Broberger goes to work, he doesn’t need id, and he doesn’t need money. In fact, much of what he needs to get through the day is hidden right there, just below the surface in his hand,” the NBC reporter said.

“Embedded in his hand is a microchip that serves as his keys, id and wallet,” she said of the microchip that is around the size of a grain of rice.

“The process is simple and swift. A pinch of the skin, and in a matter of seconds, the chip is inserted. The transformation is complete,” she said.

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The chipping itself is painless, but not everyone in Sweden is okay with it.

“Feel less human. I will feel like a robot, I think. There are so more that can go into this and it’s in your body,” one Swedish interviewee said.

The microchip itself is no bigger than a grain of rice and could be coming to the United States in the near future.

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