Joe Biden Suggests He is Still the Vice President While In Iowa This Week

Joe Biden interviews while campaigning in Iowa
Joe Biden interviews while campaigning in Iowa

Former Vice President Joe Biden seemed to suggest he is still Vice President during an interview while campaigning in Iowa earlier this week.

Biden was speaking in a locker room in front of a bunch of “Biden Workers of Iowa” signs when he began talking about building standards and housing.

Joe Biden then said, “If you were able to continue to have what WE proposed…what I proposed…the President and I have tax credits for insulating homes…”

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This would have most likely been a minor gaffe if it was the first time Joe Biden had mistaken himself for still being Vice President. In reality, he has actually made the mistake several times, even calling other Democrat candidates “President” and “Future President”.

One of the most memorable of these events was Biden calling Senator Cory Booker “future President” during the Second Democrat Presidential Debate.

Booker and Biden were arguing about previous crime bills Biden had sponsored when the ex-Vice President said, “Fact is that the president, excuse me the future president here. That, that the senator is talking about…” 

To make it even worse, Joe Biden made the exact same mistake in the 3rd Democrat debate, this time referring to Socialist Senator Bernies Sanders as the President.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were arguing over health care solutions when Biden said, “The president, or my friend from Vermont —”.

The plethora of gaffes has certainly not benefited former Vice President Biden, either. At the start of the primary, Biden held a commanding double-digit lead over all of his opponents. Now, he has been surpassed by Elizabeth Warren in many early-voting states polls.

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Biden has also been plagued by rumors of corruption stemming from his time as Senator and Vice President. His son Hunter made a huge amount of wealth off of his father’s name and lobbying efforts during this period, something Hunter Biden admitted to in an interview this year.

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