FREEFALL: Biden Falls To Fourth Place In Poll

Joe Biden Falls In Recent Polls
Former Vice President Joe Biden has fallen in a recent Iowa poll. (CBS)

Presidential contender Joe Biden’s campaign has now fallen into fourth place in a recent Iowa Caucus poll done by the New York Times/ Siena College.

The series of mistakes and gaffes that the Presidential candidate has been making is hurting his campaign shows recent polling by the New York Times/ Siena College poll. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is now the front runner and is drawing support from 22% of the people surveyed about the Iowa Caucus. Bernie Sanders is now in a close second at 19% while the South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has pulled in at 18%. Biden has now dropped to fourth place at 17%.

“Ms. Warren appears to have solidified her gains in the first voting state while Mr. Buttigieg has climbed quickly to catch up with Mr. Sanders and overtake Mr. Biden, the onetime front-runner,” The Times wrote.

Biden has had problems before while trying to enter the race back in April. Lucy Flores is a former Nevada assemblywoman that was running for

The New York Times hosted the poll.

The survey is full of alarming signs for the Biden campaign. Warren has now solidified her gains in the first primary voting state.

The Democrat poll shows that the Democrat race is quickly changing. In early primary states, the vice president appears to be buckling due to the Democrat populism that is fueling the rise of Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Mayor Buttigieg has appealed to new voters calling for generational change. Although no Democrat candidate has gotten a huge advantage, the strongest winds seem to be blowing behind candidate’s promising to change the Democrat party and become more socialist.

Biden has had a series of unfortunate gaffes on TV.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was caught on video on Wednesday this week admitting that he regrets not raising any of his kids to be a Republican.

Biden was speaking about his daughter’s job as a social worker when he reminisced that none of his kids make “real money,” Biden said.

“It’s the only 4-year program where you’re going to when you come out being paid less than any other 4-year Bachelor’s degree except being a social worker which my daughter is — umm, I tell ya what, I wish I had raised one Republican to go out and make some real money.”

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Joe Biden was referring to his daughter Ashley Biden, 38, who serves at the Executive Director for the Delaware Center of Justice, a non-profit that focuses on prison reform. She earned a salary of $92,074 in 2017 according to Delaware Online.

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