Mike Pompeo Reveals Obama Withheld Military Aid from Ukraine

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Barack Obama to blame for withholding Ukraine Aid
United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Barack Obama to blame for withholding Ukraine Aid

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed in an interview on Wednesday that Ukrainian military aid in 2016 was withheld by President Obama himself.

Pompeo said in an interview on FOX News that it was President Trump who actually gave Ukraine weapons to defend themselves from Russia in the first place.

“This is the administration that provided defensive weapon systems to Ukraine.”

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United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

That is when President Trump’s Secretary of State revealed that it was actually Obama himself who withheld aid from Ukraine in 2016. He stated:

“The previous administration… I couldn’t tell you why I couldn’t answer if it’s because of Hunter Biden that Barack Obama and Vice President Biden didn’t give defensive weapon systems to Ukraine.”

“They’ll have to answer for that. Maybe I just don’t have the full story.”

Mike Pompeo is referring to the now-contentious withholding of $1 billion in United States aid to Ukraine with the threat that they would not receive it unless they fired their Prosecutor General.

The Prosecutor General at the time was investigating a company called Burisma Holdings for, which Joe Biden’s son Hunter sat on the board of.

Vice President Joe Biden had been accused of being the mastermind behind the Ukraine firing because of his relationship to Hunter. The new revelation by Secretary Pompeo, however, would suggest that it was actually President Obama who was behind it all.

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Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 to recapture the Crimean Peninsula which houses their Black Sea Naval Base. Despite strong rhetoric against the action, then-President Barack Obama was widely criticized for not taking any counter-actions against Russia, including arming the Ukrainian military to defend themselves.

President Trump, however, has provided a significant amount of military aid to the Ukrainian armed forces including bunker busters, anti-air missiles, and missile defense systems.

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Ukrainian President Zelensky has acknowledged the help President Trump has provided his country.

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