Lori Loughlin May Be Risking Her Daughters’ Freedom In The College Admissions Scandal

Lori Laughlin, charged in the college admissions scandal, may be putting her daughters at risk of prison time.

Lori Loughlin, charged in the college admissions scandal, may be putting her daughters at risk of prison time.

Former federal prosecutor, Neama Rahmani, reportedly told People magazine, “The government has made it clear that they are going to keep increasing pressure on both Lori and Mossimo [Loughlin’s husband].” “By not pleading, Lori and Mossimo are exposing their children to being charged.” She stated that at minimum, the daughters may be called as witnesses against their parents.

Us Weekly courtesy of YouTube.com

Loughlin and her husband, who are being represented at this time as co-defendants, are accused of arranging to pay half a million dollars to get their daughters admitted to USC as members of the rowing team, despite having never participated in that sport.

Prosecutors have really turned up the heat on Loughlin and her husband. Last week, the couple was indicted on additional charges of conspiracy to commit federal program bribery. They’ve also been charged with fraud and money laundering.

These are very serious charges. While I have not personally reviewed the statutes, the couple is reportedly at risk of spending up to 45 years in prison if convicted.

But it’s the potential charges against the girls that may be most troubling to Loughlin. As a mother, I could not fathom that. Of course, as a mother, I would not cheat for my children either. In her defense, Loughlin claims she is innocent of all charges and in this country, we are all entitled to the presumption of innocence. Of course, this includes celebrities, and their husbands and kids.

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