Rep. Schiff Blocked Jim Jordan From Asking Questions to Ukraine Witness

Rep Jim Jordan said He was Blocked from Asking Questions of Witness
Rep Jim Jordan said He was Blocked from Asking Questions of Witness

Congressman Jim Jordan was blocked by Chairman Adam Schiff from asking Colonel Alexander Vindman about who he discussed the Trump Ukraine phonecall with.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, who was with Rep. Jordan at the time, described the “Soviet” style treatment of the Republicans in the impeachment investigation hearings.

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Congressman Scalise described how Congressman Schiff did not block the questions of any Democrats, only Republicans like Jim Jordan, to direct the hearings in a way that benefits their party’s political efforts.

Colonel Alexander Vindman was called to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to testify about what he heard during the Trump Ukraine call, which he was in on.

Colonel Vindman allegedly told the closed-door session that he had contacted at least 2 other people to tell them about the then-confidential call. Republicans have been trying to figure out the identity of the whistleblower since it was revealed that the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) was worried about potential political bias in his report.

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It has been learned that the Ukraine call whistleblower is an active CIA agent and registered Democrat. He was also a second-hand recipient of the information which he reported.

The whistleblower also did not disclose his meeting with Congressman Adam Schiff’s staff before the report was filed. The whistleblower report has a disclosure section specifically covering that scenario which he left blank.

It was revealed just last week that the ICIG noted a third potential bias of the whistleblower that concerned him enough to believe he could be biased in favor of President Trump’s opponents. It has not been disclosed what this 3rd evidence of bias was.

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There is also concern that the Ukraine Call whistleblower, a CIA expert on Ukraine, had multiple points of contact with former Vice President Joe Biden while he was still in office. Biden led Barack Obama’s efforts in Ukraine, which has led to claims of self-enrichment and corruption against Joe Biden and his family.

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