Obama Joint Chief Winnefeld Admits They Showed Bin Laden “Respect”

Former Navy Admiral James Winnefeld says Obama Admin Showed Bin Laden Body Respect
Former Navy Admiral James Winnefeld says Obama Admin Showed Bin Laden Body Respect

Former Navy Admiral James Winnefeld admitted during an interview with CNN that Barack Obama’s administration showed Osama Bin Laden the “respect that is due under Islam”.

Admiral Winnefeld, who served on Barack Obama’s Joint Chiefs of staff from 2011 through 2015, was on CNN’s Face The Nation to discuss Saturday night’s raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

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Winnefeld was in a rant criticizing President Trump for disparaging the terrorist leader as having died “whimpering and crying” like a “dog”.

It was in this rant where retired Admiral Winnefeld made the admission, “If you look back at the bin Laden raid, we treated his body with respect that is due under Islam.” The show host quickly ended the segment after the statement was made.

Winnefeld was claiming that President Trump’s negative remarks about Baghdadi could inspire more ISIS attacks in response.

President Trump was hailing the success of the military raid against Baghdadi when he declared that he “died like a dog” and “like a coward”. He said that the terror leader was “running like a coward” when he was chased down in a tunnel.

Al Baghdadi allegedly died along with several of his children by detonating his own suicide vest. President Trump hailed his death as a major step to make the world a better and safer place.

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was credited with founding the caliphate of the Islamic State.

He was initially a small, poorly educated teacher of the Koran before he was captured during a US raid on a friend of his who was associated with al Qaeda.

Baghdadi was allegedly radicalized while being held in prison, where he served as a preacher for many of the captured al Qaeda fighters.

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Baghdadi then joined ISIS, which was a leg of al Qaeda at the time. After being informed of an upcoming US airstrike on an ISIS compound, Baghdadi escaped the attack that left the other ISIS leaders dead.

He was then able to take over the organization and quickly built it into the international terror organization currently known as the Islamic State, capturing huge swathes of Syrian and Iraq as well as forming strategic partnerships with radical Islamic groups around the Middle East and Africa.

Barack Obama, who was President during the rise of ISIS, declared them to be a “JV league” organization and chose to ignore them for several years, allowing them to gain hold of many new territories.

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President Donald Trump’s administration effectively managed to disassemble to alleged “caliphate”, capturing tens of thousands of ISIS fighters and freeing cities around the region.

Al-Baghdadi killed by U.S. Troops
Reports out of Syria that Al-Baghdadi has been killed came out Saturday. The Pentagon reports that they are waiting on confirmation.

The death of ISIS leader al Baghdadi is unlikely to be the end of the organization, however, they are almost certain to be thrown into a power struggle with his passing.

Interestingly, al Baghdadi was killed in Northern Syria when he showed up for a meeting there just 2 weeks after President Donald Trump pulled American troops from the region.

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According to an article from Business Insider, the CIA was given key information on al Baghdadi’s hiding place after the capture and interrogation this summer of one of his wives and a courier.

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