Donald Trump Calls for New Investigation into Pelosi and Schiff

Donald Trump calls for Investigation into Pelosi and Schiff
Donald Trump calls for Investigation into Pelosi and Schiff

President Donald Trump declared on Monday that he wants to see an investigation into Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi for their behavior in Congress.

During a Trade Deal signing event with Japan, Trump announced his desire to investigate the lead Democrats in the U.S. House.

“I think Adam Schiff should be investigated for what he did. He took to the great chamber, Congress, and he made a speech. And his speech was a fraud. Everything he said was a fraud.”

Trump is referring to a speech made by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff during a recent Whistleblower hearing where he read a completely fake version of Trump’s call transcript and pretended like it was real.

The President also targeted Schiff for his knowledge of the Whistleblower before the report was even filed which Schiff then lied about on National television.

“He met with the whistleblower. They never said that. They never talked about it.”

However, the President’s ire was not only targeted at Schiff. He also wants to investigate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being complicit in Schiff’s actions without doing anything to reprimand him.

“She knew everything about it and she didn’t do anything about it. And I’ll tell you what, they should really be looked at very strongly, because what they did is unthinkable. What they did to this country is unthinkable.”

Donald Trump has gone on the offensive against Democrats this last week after the House launched an impeachment investigation into the President. While House Judiciary Chairman initially started the investigation to target any possible offenses by President Trump, the Democrats have since tamed it down to focus solely on Ukraine.

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