Trump to Supporters: I Should Be Retiring With You

President Donald Trump traveled to Florida on Thursday to speak to the retirement community The Villages.

While there, Trump jokingly told his fans he should be retiring with them at his age (73).

Trump told the supporters:

“I should be retiring with you. I should be in this audience clapping.”

“But I didn’t trust anybody to be standing here, because I know what you have,’ he insisted. ‘It’s true. I didn’t trust anybody. Very important.”

The President had the whole room laughing again when he mocked the media following a “Lock Her Up” chant. Trump allegedly joined in the chant himself near the end, then told the audience:

“It will never end. I’m sorry I smiled. They’ll have me. The fake news is back there, look at them. They’ll say it’s terrible. It’s terrible the president smiled. You know they want me to admonish you.”

“Who said that? Lock her up? Stand up, please. I’m admonishing you. Never ever say that again. That’s OK. He’s admonished, so now they can’t do their fake number on us.”

President Trump also spoke out against socialism, socialized health care, and illegal immigration while at the event.

He went especially hard after recent Democrat pledges to make socialized health care available to illegal immigrants.

“They put them way ahead of American citizens like you who obey our laws. I will never allow these politicians to steal your health care and give it away to illegal aliens.”

The President took the time to mock his hometown of New York City, which recently passed a law fining people up to $250,000 for using the term “illegal alien.”

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