Every Attempt to Take Down President Trump Has Failed Every Time

It’s been pretty clear for several years now that the far-left media will stop at nothing to take down President Trump. Here are a few of their biggest attempts to remove a sitting President over a seemingly personal vendetta.

Russia Collusion

  • Spent 3 years investigating alleged Russian Collusion with the Trump campaign.
  • Cost the taxpayers Millions of dollars
  • Still failed to find a single wrongdoing by President Trump

Border Crisis

  • The left was hoping to pin the border crisis on President Trump.
  • Instead, Trump’s actions saw a massive reduction in the percentage of successful illegal border crossings.
  • President Trump even managed to get Mexico to participate in protecting the border. This led to nearly a 60% drop in illegal crossings.
  • According to multiple members of the U.S. Border Patrol, Trump’s new wall has been a success
  • Trump is investing in improved detention facilities for illegal immigrant children

The Fake Recession

  • The leftist media tried to create a recession scare to tank President Trump’s economy.
    • Claimed his tough action against China and Iran would cause our markets to crash
  • Our stock market is breaking new record-high on a regular basis under President Trump, despite the world economy having issues.
  • Companies like Apple and Foxconn have agreed to move production to the United States instead of China and Mexico

Biden Ukraine Scandal

  • The media tried to create a Ukrainian scandal around President Trump’s recent phone conversation with the new Ukrainian President.
    • Claimed Trump had been pressuring Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden for political purposes.
  • Instead, it turned out that there really was a Biden-Ukraine scandal
    • Joe Biden pressured Ukraine in 2014 to invest more in Natural Gas and hire more foreigners
    • Two months later, Hunter Biden had been hired on to a Ukrainian Gas company named Burmisa Holdings at $50k/month.
      • Hunter had zero experience in Ukraine or the energy market.
      • Burmisa Holdings and its CEO were already under investigation for corruption.
    • Two years later, then-Vice President Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in foreign aid funds from Ukraine unless they fired the Prosecutor who was investigating Burmisa Holdings. It worked.

Despite the fact that President Trump has not been treated fairly in the media, he still manages to keep winning. The real question is: What will they throw at him next?


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