Congressman Horsford Caught On Hot Mic Insulting Las Vegas Union Leaders As “Crazy”

Steven Horsford Caught On Hot Mic
Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV) was caught on camera slamming a pair of union heads while being recorded on a "hot" mic in an interview published by 8 News Now on September 1. The clip was later leaked to the public. (Screen Shot)

Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV) was caught on camera slamming a pair of union heads while being recorded on a “hot” mic. The clip was later leaked to the public.

An anonymous source sent the video to Pen Media Inc and we have published it below.

As the pre-interview opens, Horsford and the host of Politics Now Steve Sebelius can be heard trashing a pair of union officials during a conversation on the show Politics Now.

Sebelius opens the interview talking about Clark County Education Association Executive Director John Vellardita.

“That guy’s crazy,” Horsford responds, speaking about Vellardita.

“The only crazier guy,” the host continues. “Tommy White.”

Horsford laughs and replies, “I’ll give you that one.”

The union heads referred to in the clip are Tommy White and John Vellardita. White is the business manager and secretary-treasurer of the Laborers International Union Of North America, local 872, and John Vellardita is the Executive Director of the Clark County Education Association.

We interviewed White about the video and he said that Horsford “will not get an endorsement from us.”

“I’m even going to request that the Laborers International Union in Washington D.C. pull their endorsement.”

“If you want to talk about Horsford, the guy doesn’t even live in his own district. If they wanted to get into Horsford, they should really look into where he lives, how he got there, how he moved from one place to another just to win that seat.”

“Just imagine if he says that and he’s sitting in a chair at a TV station, just imagine what he says when he’s not sitting in a chair at a TV station without a mic.”

“I can’t really see anything that Horsford has done for us,” exclaimed White. “He’s a Harry Reid puppet.”

The Laborers International Union of North America PAC donated $7,500 to Horsford in 2018.

The “hot mic” conversation is not well-timed for the Congressman and occurred after the Clark County School District filed for an injunction last month in court to stop a teachers union threatened strike scheduled for Sept. 10 after contract negotiations stalled between the school district and the union.

These comments calling Vellardita “crazy” also came despite Horsford receiving the endorsement of the Clark County Education Association in 2018. We reached out to Vellardita and have not received a response.

One of Horsford’s potential Republican opponents in Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District, Air Force veteran Sam Peters, questioned Horsford’s support of teachers: “Horsford openly calls union leaders “crazy” on the verge of teachers strike! This type of inflammatory rhetoric is exactly what we’ve come to expect from him and his party. As our education system ‘celebrates’ a move from 50th to 49th in the country. We deserve better from our elected officials. Vote for a leader that actually cares about Nevada.”

Pen Media reached out to Horsford’s Congressional office in D.C. and did not receive a statement at the time of publishing. Steve Sebelius a columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal told our reporter “no comment” when asked about the clip.

Aptly, Sebelius ended the clip with a quote, “Okay. Here we go.” So, here we go. You can watch the full clip from the interview without the “hot mic” clip below.

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