President Trump’s Border Plan is Working, Migrant Arrivals Down by 30% and Children’s Lives are Being Saved

Speaking at the White House on Monday, acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan revealed a drop in border arrests and highlighted the construction of new sections of the border wall. The US has seen a 30% drop in the number of people apprehended at the southern U.S. border from July to August, Morgan said. In total 64,000 people had been detained or deemed inadmissible in August, down from 82,000 in July and 144,000 from the peak in May.

Morgan credited President Donald Trump’s “unprecedented network of initiatives,” including the push to have Mexico conduct more enforcement on the border, with securing an incredible cumulative 56% drop since May.

Morgan also said that the percentage of border crossers who are traveling as families dropped considerably. This is welcoming news because it means that fewer children are being put in danger by irresponsible adults who use them as tickets to enter the U.S. as refugees. The Customs and Border Protection Agency reported that Migrants traveling in families and unaccompanied children accounted for only 57% of border arrests in August, down from 67% in July and 72% in May.

To summit all up, the president’s plans to pressure Mexico into securing its southern border and reduce the out of control influx of immigrants coming from Central America into the U.S. are working.

However, President Trump’s plans are not just working for our national security, but it’s helping solve a humanitarian crisis where children were being used and abused by human traffickers and even parents. Today the crisis at the border is on its way to being controlled, and children lives are being saved.

Jesus Marquez

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