American Soldiers are Booed by Women’s Soccer Fan During Swearing-In Ceremony After They Mention Loyalty to the President

US Armed Services Members Booed at Women's Soccer Game
US Armed Services Members Booed at Women's Soccer Game

One of the most horrible symptoms of modern politics is a huge loss of respect for American Armed Service members. That was on full display during a women’s soccer game in Oregon on 9/11.

When the new military recruits were brought onto the field to take the Oath of Enlistment, they got the most horrible surprise possible: they were booed by the audience.

The incident took place at the Providence Park stadium during the Portland Thorns and North Carolina Courage game. Mid-game, Armed forces recruits were brought onto the field to honor 9/11 victims.

The crowd seemed normal and respectful at first until the person officiating the ceremony asked if the recruits will “obey the orders of the President of the United States.”

That’s when the entire stadium let out massive, unified “boos” directed straight at the new recruits. Apparently Oregon soccer fans hate President Donald Trump so much that the word President was enough to trigger them.

This is not the first anti-American thing that American soccer fans have done recently, either.

Fans had attacked Major League Soccer (MLS) for allowing ANY military ceremonies during games. According to them, it is a violation of the ban on “political signage during games” to support our troops.

MLS had recently instituted the new rules against political signs after radical organizations used their games to promote their causes. While they have every right to ban those displays, Americans willing to lay down their lives for our country are heroes, NOT “political signs”.

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