Surveillance Camera Captures Moment Human Smuggler Throw Two Illegal Immigrants Into River, Then US Border Patrol Shows Up and Saves Them

The media and radical Democrats seem to attack our Border Patrol agents every chance they get. What they don’t show you are the incredible feats of good they do to save lives.

A new surveillance video of the US-Mexican border revealed the harrowing moment US Border Patrol Agents saved 2 illegal immigrants from drowning.

The video captured this last Saturday shows a human trafficker trying to sneak the illegal immigrants around the border wall by water. When he notices the border patrol is coming, he throws them both into the river and speeds away.

Luckily for the two illegal immigrants, Border Patrol agents showed up and quickly pulled them out of the water.

According to reports from the CBP, the two men were taken in for processing immediately afterward.

The US Border Patrol saves many lives every year. There are too many cases of children almost dying in 100-degree heat in the trunks of abandoned cars. Who saves them? The US Border Patrol.

Hundreds of illegal immigrant families been locked in the back of trucks and left in the desert to die. Who saves them? The US Border Patrol.

It’s a shave that politicians on the left and many in the media go so far to defend illegal immigration. The truth is that these immigration schemes are perpetrated by human traffickers and often run by drug cartels.

It’s horrifying to know that children are rented to strangers to help them illegally immigrate. It’s disgusting to hear the massive numbers of rapes and murders of women trying to cross the border illegally.

Illegal immigration needs to stop. Not just for our sake, but for the sake of the immigrants trying to cross the border as well.

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