Ben Goldman Show – Castro, Gun Control, and Movie About Hunting Trump Supporters – 8.7.2019

Joaquin Castro attacking Trump Supporters

San Antonio Congressman Joaquin Castro used his position yesterday to publish a list of donors to President Trump’s 2020 campaigns as well as their businesses and employers.

Castro’s intention here was clear – it was a dog whistle to attack Trump supporters. Even crazier, he actually went on Morning Joe this morning and defended his actions. The MSNBC hosts agreed with him and basically said: “If you don’t like it, don’t support President Trump.”

In case you were unaware, Joaquin Castro is the twin brother of 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate Julian Castro and serves as the head of his campaign. Julian has not yet condemned his brother’s actions.

Trump’s new take on Gun Control

Right before flying out to visit the victims and first responders of the horrible shootings this weekend, President Trump dropped a bombshell about gun control on Reporters.

The President was on his way to his helicopter when he revealed to the press pool that he completely supports expanding background checks on private gun sales. Not only that, but he offered to press the Republican congressmen to make sure it happens.

When asked about banning Assault Rifles, the President implied limited personal support for it but said it won’t happen because Congress will not agree to it. He did offer to bring it up to Republican leaders in Congress and see if they would be willing to discuss the ban.

The Hunt: A movie about hunting MAGA people

Hollywood has done it again. They are set to release a new movie called “The Hunt”. “The Hunt” focuses on Liberal elitists paying money to hunt Trump supporters in a secret location known as “The Manor.”

The trailer has since been BANNED from many channels following the shootings this weekend. They feared it may trigger someone into doing very bad things.

The manor was made by the makers of The Purge, which is already very political and tends to favor Democrats. You can check out the original trailer in my show about, closer to the end.

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