Ben Goldman Show – Democrats Vs the Media (8/2/2019)

This week has been absolutely WILD for the Democrats. Now some of their top candidates are picking fights with the BIGGEST Leftist news networks.

Tulsi Vs MSNBC

For instance, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard went on MSNBC and called them out for working for Kamala Harris to their faces! Gabbard called them out when the MSNBC Anchor started trying to paint Tulsi out to be a Putin apologist and friend of dictators. She said it’s funny that every time she goes on their channel, all she hears are talking points from the Harris campaign. OUCH.

Marianne Williamson vs CNN

But the media fighting didn’t stop there. At the same time as Tulsi was on MSNBC, Marianne Williamson went on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN and $hit hit the fan.

Anderson Cooper went in with a personal grudge against Williamson after she stated that she thought Clinical Depression is a “scam” to sell unnecessary pharmaceuticals. Cooper’s own brother is being treated for clinical depression right now.

When Cooper started trying to paint Williamson as a secret “Scientology sympathizer” and “anti-vaxer”, however, Marianne shouted him down and told him “I feel very little respect here.” Clearly, the Democratic Party’s love-in with the Mainstream Media is falling apart at the seams, thank God!

Trump Saves A$AP Rocky from Sweden

Also, President Trump and the Kardashian-West family finally managed to get famous rapper A$AP Rocky out of Swedish Prison after they held him for several weeks without charges. Trump had this to say about it.

Rocky had been arrested after he was attacked while on tour in Europe by a serial-assaulter. They claimed his self-defense was “excessive.”

Peter Thiel calls Google Traitors

Billionaire Republican Tech investor Peter Thiel called Google traitors last night for helping China develop their AI technology while refusing to help the United States do the same thing. Thiel explained that Artificial Intelligence is military technology, and Google is helping our biggest rival beat us.

July Jobs Report

And finally, the Jobs Report from July came out late last night and it looks SPECTACULAR for President Donald Trump. Last month alone, the US economy added over 164,000 new jobs & wages went up across the board. Bravo, Mr. President, Bravo.

Please check out my video up top to see more of these stories and have a safe and fun weekend!

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