Ben Goldman Show – Roasting Dems on Debate 2 Night 2


  • President Donald Trump 
    • This was a big and easy win for President Donald Trump. Night 1 of the debate was dominated by hardcore socialists and Night 2 was dominated by, well, Cory Booker.
    • Biden and Harris both looked very weak and Buttigieg failed to shine so they have no leading moderate Candidates now.
    • Americans hate Socialism.
    • President Trump has Fundraised over $105 million this quarter, 4 times more than top Democrat Bernie Sanders.
  • Cory Booker
    • Cory Booker actually did it. He won a Democrat presidential debate.
    • He was the BEST at attacking Joe Biden, especially over Biden’s history of supporting racist legislation.
    • Joe Biden even ENDORSED Cory Booker as “Future President”.
    • Cory Booker had the best energy on the stage, told a few jokes, and made himself memorable.
  • Tulsi Gabbard
    • While winning last night, Tulsi Gabbard may have DESTROYED Kamala Harris’s career.
      • Brought up her history of jailing people for minor infractions, trying to have an innocent man executed despite the evidence, and abusing her position.
    • Gabbard was not NEARLY as funny as Senator Booker on stage, but she always seemed very strong and well versed.
    • The #1 most searched name after the debate was over in both of the debates now.
    • She is also SUING GOOGLE!


  • Joe Biden
    • It all started when Joe Biden’s campaign team put out a Press Release saying he was going to be “tough” this time and went straight downhill from there.
    • Kept trying to take credit for Obama’s time in office. Cory Booker went after him hard saying he can’t take credit for the good and pass off the bad parts of Obama.
    • Former VP Biden actually begged Kamala Harris to go easy on him.
    • He declared Corey Booker would be the “Future President” in a very weird moment.
    • Got called out for a 1981 op-ed he wrote while in the Senate saying that American communities will be better off if women don’t work outside the house.
    • Forgot his own website during his closing speech.
  • Kamala Harris
    • She was extremely boring and kept targeting Joe Biden, but not in an effective way.
    • When she tried to play her “I am Justice” card, Tulsi Gabbard SCORCHED her over her horrible career as Attorney General of California.
    • Kamala sounded like a total elitist after the debate. When an interviewer asked her to respond to Gabbard’s attacks, she said she is a “Top Tier Candidate” and everyone else is a desperate loser.
  • Bill de Blasio
    • An entire crowd of anti-de Blasio protesters showed up to the CNN debate and shouted him down. They said he talks a big talk about Black Lives Matter but he still won’t fire the cop who killed Eric Garner with a stranglehold.
    • Also, he is just a generally disliked guy.

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