Ben Goldman Show – 8 Hours of Mueller in Ten Minutes

Today it’s all about the Robert Mueller Testimony in front of Congress. Ole’ Bob didn’t look so hot in the hot seat, though. Mueller looked inept and incompetent the entire time, at points seeming like he didn’t even realize what his own investigation was about.

When asked about Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson, for example, Mueller said he didn’t have any idea who they were. Fusion GPS was the firm hired by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to pay Christopher Steele to collect the Dossier from Kremlin Agents. Not only that, but Agent Lisa Page actually worked with Fusion GPS and the Mueller investigation. Sounds like either a lie or someone completely out of the loop.

Jim Jordan roasted Mueller over Joseph Mifsud. Mifsud was the Ambassador who told George Popodopolis that had dirt about Hillary Clinton from Putin’s own niece. Mifsud then lied to the FBI THREE times. And what did the FBI do? They used Mifsud’s testimony to open their Russia Collusion probe.

Let’s also not forget the harrowing moment in which Mueller was asked about his relationship with former FBI Director James Comey. Now, Mueller tried to play it off like they were work buddies, but that’s far from the truth. Robert Mueller hand-picked Comey to be his protege as FBI director and the two actually hang out regularly. There is NOTHING impartial about that.

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