Ben Goldman Show 7/23/2019

Ilhan Omar is already pretty well known already for being an anti-Israeli and antisemitic Congresswoman. Well, now you can add 3 more to the list: immigration fraud, fake marriage, tax fraud.

Ilhan Omar is now being looked into by a house Ethics committee concerning her TWO simultaneous marriages, one which is thought to be her own brother. Now, it’s not simple ‘incest’ that’s being claimed here, folks. The rumor is that she faked a marriage to her own brother to secure his green card. That’s straight-up immigration fraud no matter how you paint.

Second, Boris Johnson was elected PM of the United Kingdom by 66% of the vote. Now if y’all weren’t aware, Johnson is known as the “Donald Trump of England.” He was born in Manhattan of all places and is very anti-European Union. Plus, President Trump already loves him. Between him and their new princess, Meghan Markle, it looks like the American takeover of England happened with us doing a darn thing.

Last but not least, FORMER FBI Director James Comey planted TWO spies in the White House. According to a new IG report set to be released, they found that Comey used agents Anthony Ferrante and Jordan Rae Kelly to try and trick the President into admitting he worked for Russia, which was obviously a pack of lies.

To make it worse, Ferrante was granted a special title to give him access to the White House. When he left he joined Buzzfeed to “confirm” the Steele dossier that the FBI had already determined was garbage, and then both he and Kelly got kush jobs with FTI Consulting in DC. I’m not sure about you guys, but that sounds pretty suspect to me….

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