Ben Goldman Show 7/22/2019

Late last night, Iran captured a UK oil Tanker in the straight of Hormuz. This comes days after they captured a UAE tanker in the same area and weeks after they attacked a Japanese oil tanker and shot down a US drone. After the US shot down an Iranian drone in response, Iran tried to pretend like it was not shot down at first, and quickly changed their story to Well, it was shot down, but it was a US drone shot down by Americans. NICE TRY Iran, but we see through your BS. In the words of President Trump, grab your scuba gear and go look for yourselves.

Even crazier is that the Democrats are now trying to revive Al Franken, presumably because their 2020 candidates are soooooooo terrible. That’s right, the party is once again combining their media goons with politicians to spin Al Franken’s whole sexual assault stuff and make HIM look like the victim. Not the girls he did it to, but HIM. Multiple senators actually came out and said they regretted asking him to step down.

To the credit of Democrat Kristin Gillibrand, she put the sellout-dems in their place by declaring she is proud that she told Franken to step down and would do it again. Her policies may be bunk, but at least she has confidence in her decision.

Finally, Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy are working to takedown Antifa with a new bill. Their new bill, S.Res. 279, would declare Antifa a TERRORIST organization in the US. Of course, plenty of dems are upset with this, but they are 100% terrorists.  Remember when they attacked conservative journalist Andy Ngo with a “cement shake” and caused serious injuries?

Antifa is the new Klan.


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