Ben Goldman Show 7/26/2019

New York Mayor Bill DeDlasio wants to ban President Trump from NYC. Not only that, he is letting people attack uniformed police officers for social Media videos. The man should be impeached for failing his city and NOBODY will vote DeBlasio for President.

French President Macron announced that he wants to tax US tech companies 3% of their annual revenue. This is despite all of our trade agreements with France and the UK and the fact that they are American companies. President Trump shot him down, saying if they tax our tech, then he is going after French Wine.

Jerry Nadler started an impeachment investigation into President Trump based entirely on the Mueller congressional testimony. Congressman Nadler used Mueller’s statement early when asked that Trump could have been indicted if he wasn’t president. What Nadler didn’t even MENTION the fact that Mueller retracted and said that his statement was incorrect a mere 3 hours later.

Nancy Pelosi met with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to try and “bury the hatchet.” This was a last-ditch effort by Pelosi to try and show party unity before the 2020 elections. Unfortunately for her, Socialist AOC came out after the event and basically said it was a nice gesture but she still is not backing Nancy. Farwell, Democrats, we will see you at the 2020 finish line.

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