20 minutes of exercise can be the key to improving productivity

The World Uplift Map is a global study by Asics that shows how different sports affect people’s cognitive and emotional state. He evaluates many individuals before and after performance 20 minutes straight from exercise.

The most relevant data is that 53% of participants said their well-being has increased. However, the most striking thing is the improvements recorded in various key aspects when working.


Physical exercise improves focus.

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74% said they were more alert, 75% more energetic, 78% more confident, and 30% more calm immediately after exercise. Additionally, 30% more confident, 27% more positive, and 30% more satisfied.

These are the main edges to improving performance in the work environment, and improving productivity. In addition, a daily routine can help avoid the notorious fatigue that office life generates and is increasingly common.

5 most exercised sports in the world

Another interesting data that the World Uplift map shows is data The most exercised sport in the world. The Running leads the ranking, followed by walking and strength training.

Cardio shows in fourth and cycling in fifth. These five disciplines often complement each other, known as cross-training.

This latter concept is used by athletes all over the world to improve their performance. It is very important to perform the exercises under the supervision of a professional so that you do not fall into a state of overtraining, which can lead to injuries.

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