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Mexico City. – Despite the fact that the air and land borders of Canada are closed, this government has made major exceptions to international students. Another example that this country is strongly committed to education and maintains an open arms policy of entry, residence and even vaccination and the possibility to migrate and live there permanently.

Under the global pandemic scenario and back into the semester, Canada’s largest international schools: ILAC and the Georgian College are collaborating to announce the launch of four study programs on ILAC’s Toronto campus and a special partial scholarship for Mexican students. It can be accessed through Agora Internatioanl Learning, (a 100% Mexican company) that acts as a link between these two large institutions.

It is important to mention the exceptions that the Government of Canada has implemented in thinking about students who come from other countries, including Mexico, because while restrictions are maintained in other countries, Canada is open to entry to international students, but yes, with the arrangement that distinguishes them.

Canada Entry Protocol for international students

Oscar Blanco, ILAC’s Latin America Head of Recruitment, tells us about the process. You have to understand that the country is closed, not so for foreign students. The steps to follow are as follows:

1. First you must have a study permit, a basic document to enter, there is no other way, the country is closed for tourism and there is no other way to enter; This permit can be processed from Mexico with companies such as Ágora International Learning.

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2. Second, you need to have a PCR test with less than 72 hours of validity.

3. Download the government app, this app categorizes all the parameters before, during and after arriving in Canada; This app is called ARRA CAN. There are some exceptions and it is important to install this app on your smartphone.

4. Upon your arrival at the airport, a new PCR test will be taken, and the results of this test will be within the next 72 hours, and you will be given a toolkit that must be applied on the tenth day of the arrival of international students.

5. Students must have a hotel reservation for at least three days (which is mandatory), and hotels must be approved in advance by the Canadian government, which is very important, they must have a fairly clear quarantine plan on hand And they can be located on the next day, eleven days to complete the quarantine.

Rosy Ceceña, CEO of Ágora International Learning, a Mexican company with experience in education abroad, tells us that this plan should be followed literally, offering support to Mexican students; And she comments on that by saying that there are students who have tried to do it themselves, but the process is somewhat complicated, which is why she gives advice to her company to provide support, as the language used for the instructions is technical and advice from experts so that they do not miss a point or comma and do not have to undergo returning home at the airport Which happened because they don’t follow the strict enforcement of Canadian entry rules.

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Vaccination in Canada

Until April 20, Oscar Blanco says, the Canadian government has revised its vaccination plan to offer vaccines to people over the age of 40, in a basic strategy to cover the largest population that includes teachers from various educational centers and international students of that age group.

The only thing required for vaccination, if you are an international student, is to present your study permit, and this is sufficient to receive the vaccine.

In this sense, it is worth noting that Canada is one of the countries that have implemented the Covid-19 strategy best, and recognition of the world is very present in the vaccination strategy. A sample of this series of successes is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement that it will purchase 10 vaccines for each of its 38 million residents. For Rosy Ceceña, Agora’s CEO, this is a clear sign that this government understands and is preventing the vaccination of immigrants, especially international students.

10: Scholarships for Mexican students

Rosy Ceceña highlights the importance and openness that the Canadian government attaches to education, since Georgians and ILAC currently acknowledge that online education is valid to meet point requirements to access the territory’s residence permit, it is an unpublished fact, as is also an unpublished fact of the so-called BECA10 ; Scholarship for Mexican students.

And how is that done?

The scholarship is aimed at people between the ages of 20 and 30, with the aim of studying, working and eventually emigrating to Canada. These persons will be able to participate in the BECA10 program awarding a 10% scholarship on tuition fees in the first semester for the following programs:

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• Business

• Global business management

• Human Resource Management

• Project management

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