16 amazing photos of the devastating fire in Greece

A statue of the goddess Athena in front of a forest fire in the northern Athens suburb of Varembombi (Images: Reuters)

Three of Athens’ suburbs were evacuated This Tuesday due to a strong fire that destroyed homes, vehicles and commercial buildings, and caused accidents in the transport network and electricity supply in the Greek capital that lives. The worst heat wave in decades.

It has already caught fire a lot of houses and campGreek media reported that they had reached the main square in the suburb of Faripombe and were close to an air base and Deir.

A volunteer firefighter holds a hose during a forest fire in Varympompi
A volunteer firefighter holds a hose during a forest fire in Varympompi

Although there is no data on the victims at the moment, And the media reported several calls to the police by citizens locked in buildings and a number of officers and firefighters who caught fire while trying to help people get out of their cars.

The authorities blocked the highway for a few hours and Several train lines connecting the capital to the north of the country have been suspended.

Volunteer firefighters trying to put out a forest fire
Volunteer firefighters trying to put out a forest fire

Meanwhile, the Electricity Distribution Company (ADMIE) has warned that dozens of residents in the eastern Attica metropolitan region are at risk of blackouts due to Two electric circuits were affected by the flame, on a day when residents experience temperatures well above 40 degrees and minimum temperatures very close to 30.

The fire broke out at noon near the Tatoi Palace in Athens, which was the summer residence of the ancient Greek royal family, and as it approached the residential area. Civil Protection sent alerts via text message asking those closest to the flame to leave the area and residents of another suburb to close windows and chimneys to prevent smoke from entering their homes.

Among those evacuated were about 80 children from a children’s camp and Olympic village set up for the 2004 Athens Games. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the Fire Brigade Coordination Center this afternoon to supervise firefighting operations.

On his part, the Head of Civil Protection in Attica, Yorgos Patulis, confirmed that: Although the winds in the region are not very strong, their constant change of direction makes the extinction process difficult. Several small explosions have been reported in the last hours.

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Some 350 firefighters They are in the region with 70 vehicles, 5 helicopters, 5 seaplanes, as well as volunteers.

Also this Tuesday, several fires broke out in other areas of the country, such as the island of yopia, where two villages and several summer camps have been evacuated, and on an island cosWhere the fire threatens a protected and protected natural area AsklepionThe most important archaeological site on the island.

house burning
house burning

(Images: Reuters)

(With information from EFE)

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