14 months later, rugby returns to Rosario: “a great joy”

After, after Fourteen months without official tournamentsRugby will return to the stadiums with the start of the “Restart Cup 75th Anniversary Logarithm” for men, and with the women’s seven tournament. The basic idea of ​​this contest is that Players can return to court formally but graduallyE, and with the intention of being able to cope with a pandemic through Regional del Litoral from June. In the case of men, this tournament will only be played with UEFA Rosario teams, something that has not happened since 1999, when the old URR competitions gave rise to the Littoral Region.

Beyond soccer, the most important high-impact sport, and because of the logic of the game with a lot of physical contact, Only rugby was not back in competition due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

In dialogue with Rosario 3Matias Gurusetto, President of the Republic of Uruguay, confirms this This return is “a great joy for people and clubs”. “We have worked with this situation for some time. I thank the municipality and the governorate, with whom we worked side by side to comply with all the protocols required of us and to be able to reach this situation today from going back to play and compete,” he adds.

Rugby is back in Rosario, but with protocols. (URR)

After the abolition of Regional del Litoral, Rugby is back at the end of last year with Touch Mode, a miniature version of the game without physical contactThis was important for club movement and for players to be able to enter the field again. “Some clubs started preparing because they knew there was going to be a start, that at some point it would be enabled. The idea of ​​this reboot cycle is to protect the players, reactivate all the clubs and increase the number of players we had for a long time,” says Gorusetto.

Like all activities, Rugby has been hit hard by the epidemic. In a sport where the local and regional levels are amateurs, the athletes have lost a lot. From the Argentine Confederation It is stipulated that 30% of the players will lose in the country, Which is important for us, as the Rosario Union includes about 7,600 players, but we work with clubs, and we communicate constantly by phone, and we lower clear instructions and show the life of the club, which is the most important thing, because this is the disagreement that the community has, as we see that many Boys develop and grow. In this context, the President of the Uruguay Round affirmed that we are working to reduce losses.

To court

In the male branch The twelve URR clubs that have participated in Regional del Litoral will participate, No matter what level they played at. They were divided into two areas of six, where they would play against everyone at one wheel. After this first stage, The first two of each group will qualify for the final competition. Those who fall third and fourth will play another match between them, and the same thing does fifth and sixth. Participating clubs are Old Resian, Jockey Club, Duendes, GER, Universitario, Provincial, Los Caranchos, Logaritmo, Jockey Club (Venado Tuerto), Los Pampas (Rufino), Belgrano & Regatas y Gimnasia (Pergamino).

The reserve division teams will accompany the First Division, but they will start their matches at 1.30pm. Preserve would be optional and would have a separate championship, as many clubs suffered heavy player losses.

As part of the protocol, Teams consist of 15 beginners and 10 substitutes. All changes can be made. The staff of each team may include a maximum of two coaches, a physician, a physical trainer, and a movement scientist. The aguateros must be substitute players.

What’s more, The traditional third times will not be performed Players will arrive with two variants, ready to play, and leave in the same way, as the change rooms cannot be used.

In the The female branch, in Argentina it is played in seven forms, With seven players per team and with matches lasting 14 minutes (halves out of seven), which means another dynamic for the tournaments. In total, ten teams from nine clubs will participate: Old Resian, University, Los Caranchos, Provincial Rojo, Provincial Blanco, Unión Casildense, Villa Gobernador Gálvez RC, Jockey Club (Venado Tuerto), Gimnasia (Pergamino) and Belgrano (San Nicolás).

Rugby is back in Rosario, but with protocols. (URR)

The teams were divided into two regions of five. They will play against all in five matches, with alternating stadiums. The top two from each region advance to the championship zone. The remainder will compete for the fifth to tenth places.

“We’re so excited after a year of not playing and the added bonus is that Women’s rugby already has its own sub-committee Each member is in turn on other committees and this is very important, ”says Analia Goeda, a member of the URR Women’s Rugby Subcommittee.

Regarding how the epidemic will affect this branch, Guida asserts that “some are a little weaker, but they are trying to take back these players who have left; There is a great desire to play and the comeback was very successful. In general we are fine. “

In our country, women’s rugby is growing significantly not only in the number of players, but also in terms of leadership and referees. The Rosario Union, between adults and youth, has about 240 players. And it strives to continue growing. In addition to touch play and seven matches, there is an idea to play fifteen players in August, although some organizational details have yet to be finalized.

Re-tournament – schedule

Men’s watch 16

Zone 1:
Old Resian vs Gimnasia (Pergamino)
GER vs. Jockey (eyed deer)
Univeristario Vs. Logarithm

Zone 2:
Provinces vs. Los Carrancheos
Sprites vs. The pampas (rufino)
Jockey Club against Belgrano and Regatas


Zone A – in Unión Casildense
Los Caranchos, Jockey (VT), Universitario and Unión Casildense play. Free: Gymnastics (Scrolls)

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