14-Day Suspension of Alejandro Toledo’s Extradition to Peru: Judge Hickson Vacates Arrest Warrant

Penalties were assessed at twenty years and six months in prison for Toledo Manrique, and further prison terms of 16 years and eight months in two alleged corruption cases.

Last Thursday, April 6, Judge Thomas S. Hixon, of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California, former President Alexander Toledo Surrender to justice in the United States to continue his extradition to Peru.

In this way, the former leader’s habeas corpus was dismissed by the US judge Peru is possible Submitted a few weeks ago.

The official also indicated that it was not possible for the former official to be granted longer periods after he submitted two new appeals against his extradition.

In this context, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit granted the former president an emergency application; The person being investigated for allegations of corruption had requested this measure to temporarily suspend his extradition to the Peruvian authorities.

With this decision, it will be Judge Hickson’s command hanging for fourteen days. This action allows the defendant to file a full court review, plus it led the judge to vacate the arrest warrant for Toledo.

Investigated in Toledo in the cases “Ecoteva” and “Interoceánica Sur”, sections 2 and 3. (ANDINA)

Toledo Manrique will not have the obligation to report to the corresponding police authorities, in the United States on Friday, April 7 – at nine o’clock in the morning – as ordered by the California court.

Court orders Toledo Internships in a proper prison, where he will remain until he is handed over to the Peruvian authorities. The document states that the court cancels Toledo’s bail and returns him to the custody of the US Marshal.

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In the same text, it was added: “Toledo is ordered to surrender to the stockade on April 7, 2023 at 9:00 am on the 20th floor of 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, California.”

The National Prosecutor’s Office estimated the sentence of Toledo Manrique to be twenty years and six months in prison, and another prison sentence of 16 years and eight months; them for issues Southern Highway between the two oceans sections 2 and 3; And ‘Ecotiva‘, respectively.

We are nearing the end of this episode, because the US judiciary rejected Toledo’s last appeal. “I believe that the time we will have Alejandro Toledo confronting the Peruvian justice system for the serious corruption offenses with which the Public Prosecutor’s Office is accusing him will be short,” said Silvana Carrion, special counsel in the Lava Gato case.

The oral trial of the Ecotiva case begins on Wednesday the 12th.

In the midst of his various stalling actions, Ex-Chief deplore To the US State Department to stop his extradition to Peruvian territory again.

The appeal was filed at the beginning of March this year, and according to the legal defense, the court allegedly violated the “Fifth Amendment” of the US Constitution, referring to the right to liberty and due process.

That appeal is still pending in the District Court of Columbia, presided over by Beryl A. Howl.

Dr. Toledo was not given Your attorney has the right to review and challenge the basis of the Department’s decision, which under US law are necessary components of the opportunity to be heard before a decision is made. extraditionindicated in the text collected by the aforementioned moderator.

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