12 promising indie video games coming in 2021 that could cheer us up

Qena: Bridge of Spirits, The Ascent and other games that should be on your wish-list.

panorama Independent video games It gives us on many occasions Amazing games And they often excel in popularity and quality on titles more important than studies. In fact, two of the recent successes of steam They are independent games: Valhaim, Who – which It sold more than 6 million copies, And Hero ring, Who – which More than half a million games sold.

Many of the best video games of recent years are the indie gamesMany of the best video games of recent years are Indies games, such as Stardo ValleyAnd Cuphead a greyThree of Huge catalog Available thanks to these studies. Nobody doubts its quality, really PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox They support the Indies with different programs and give them insight in various events, because they also know their potential and significance.

in a 3D games We wanted to collect it 10 indie video games Which was planned to be launched 2021 And that It looks very good. We clearly left a lot, but we wanted to make a variety. We remind you that if you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, Recently X-Box Announce it 22 indie video games will enter the Game Pass on the day of departure.

General: change

The action-adventure cyberpunk game from studio ThinkingStars was due to be released in late 2020, but the studio decided to postpone the game to the third quarter of 2021 to improve it. Additionally, the demo released on Steam helped the team understand the areas they could improve, and in fact, they already announced some improvements in the hero’s movements during the fight. The game has a 2.5D pixel graphic style, offers some freedom of movement through its maps and has very interesting combat, although experimental paris cannot be implemented, which is something missing on the playable level. The setting is cool and attractive.

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If you like mystery and police adventure, pay close attention to Backbone, a game that gets in through the eyes thanks to an incredibly detailed technical aesthetic. EggNut’s address published by Raw Fury takes us to an alternate Vancouver city inhabited by animals and we’ll have to explore meticulously to solve the different cases that come our way. The game contains elements from the classic point and click video games. It will arrive on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

Qena: Spirits Bridge

The new game from Indie studio Ember Lab has postponed its release until August and will be released for PS4, PS5 and PC. The game looks amazing, with a very fine art and graphic section, and it appears that the study comes from the cinema, because the interest in photography and details is more than evident. A much-awaited video game that takes advantage of DualSense on the PS5 that promises to be story intense.


This beautiful indie will also be on the day of departure on the Xbox Game Pass and he suggests that we indulge in a Journey style adventure, where we will have to explore a vast open world, where we can move with a flying motorcycle. The game will suggest living a story in the form of an educational novel and the narration will be of great importance, because the game aims to make us understand the greatness of personal growth. In addition, the game will have puzzle mechanics and will allow the player to decide whether or not to beat them.

She dreams somewhere else

An old RPG game, reminiscent of Undertale in some ways, and whose creators define it as a “surreal RPG”. In the title, we will have to face the nightmares of the protagonist Thalia, who is mired in an endless coma. In the adventure, we’ll have to figure out how we got to this state, in a turn-based fighting game. It will release on Game Pass and you will have a demo available on Steam.

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Nobody saves the world

The new game from the creators of Guacamelee! It aims to be a very fun and diverse game. In this adventure, role-playing and action game, we will be playing no one (nobody), who will have the ability to transform into various forms, such as animals and characters, to overcome the different stages. Each model will have its own gameplay, and in addition, we will be able to customize our abilities by combining the abilities of several models. It will also be released on Xbox Game Pass.


The equivalent single-player action-RPG with a cyberpunk setting is quite eye-catching. The game offers crazy gameplay, with loads of picks and skills and it looks like it won’t take a single breath. The game, which will also be available on Game Pass since its launch, will allow us to improve our character using various technologies so that their abilities become more lethal.


Thanks to its beautiful artistic design, this video game offers us a relaxing experience in which we will immerse ourselves in an awake simulator (or a cycling simulator, where we will also go by bike). This third-person adventure aims to be truly emotional, as we control a young woman who belongs to a secluded community and is out to see the world for the first time. An exploration game that looks really charming.


Pixpil Games video game is also scheduled for 2020, but has been postponed. Our latest news, as of February this year, indicates that the game will be released at the end of 2021. The title is based on the classic version of The Legend of Zelda and offers us a role-playing adventure, with cool pixel art graphics. In the game we will accompany John and Sam, who will have to kill enemies with different abilities. In addition, we can cook, improve our characters, visit different locations, and live a story haunted by a certain mystery. The 80’s game touch suits him well.

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12 minutes

This video game by Luis Antonio has attracted strong attention, first for its playable proposal and second, for its top view. In 12 minutes we control a character trapped in a time loop in which he must solve a situation that seems impossible but really cool. This interactive movie was a sensation of E3 2019 and edited by Annapurna Interactive.

Wild at heart

In great artistic style, The Wild at Heart is a very exciting puzzle thriller adventure, with some elements reminiscent of Pikmin, where we will have to collect and use Spritelings. These little magical creatures will help us continue on our path or wipe out enemies, and they will be the key to the story. A really great game that’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass when it launches on May 20.

Little devil inside

One of the most awaited indie games developed for the longest time. In principle, it will be released first for the PlayStation 5, but it should reach the rest of the consoles and PC. This survival game has great aesthetics and in it we will have to conquer an adventure that promises epic battles against bosses and a large variety of scenarios.

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