11 kinds of plank for abdominal and middle training

o . boards panels It’s a magical way to work out your stomach, and while you may not believe it or it may surprise you, There are many valid variants outside of the regular plank and sideboard.

There are many ways Increases and even decreases the difficulty of the exercise To be able to progress which is why today we are showing you 11 different options. By the way, the vast majority of these exercises do not require equipment to be able to Work the belly from home without any problem.

X board

This exercise is Perfect for anyone who is starting out With these types of exercises. By opening our legs and positioning ourselves with outstretched arms, we increase stability and make the exercise easier. From here, we can progress to the following.

walking board

In this case instead of being completely fixed Change the position during the exercise. We start with the forearms and elbows on the floor, then move to support the palms with the arms fully extended and alternate between one position and another throughout the exercise.

Stretching plank

We support the palms of the hands so that they are in front of our heads. It’s a workout Harder than a regular plank And also, in this way, We increase the participation and work of the shoulders.

leg raise

In this case, the position is exactly the same as in the normal board with the only exception that we have to do Take one leg off the floor alternately. It is important at the end of the routine to work both legs at the same time.

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Spiderman Plank

like our push up We have Spider-Man too Spiderman Paintings The movement is very similar. With outstretched arms and without bending We alternately bring the knee to the elbow on the same side In this way we increase the work of the oblique.

Footboards on a soccer ball

when using suitable ball what or what What we achieve is to reduce the stability of motion And therefore Increase the intensity a little the exercise. We can replace football with each other TRX, for example.

Chaturanga board

This exercise comes directly from yoga. For those of us in the gym, it’s basically an inward bend with the elbows in which we maintain the final position when our arms form an angle of about 90 degrees.

side board

Another way to increase slash action It is with side panels or side panels. this time Lean on one armSupport the forearm and feet in parallel. Remember to form a straight line with your body.

Side plank with hip raise

Instead of maintaining the completely stationary position from the previous exercise, what we do is Raise and lower your hips in a controlled manner.

Side plank one leg raise

to add More difficulty in the previous exercise Thus, more workload on the oblique we can raise one leg. This way we reduce the stability and you will see how the movement becomes more complex.

side plank crunches

The next stage! In this case, in addition to raising one leg to reduce support, the Bend the knee and bring it to the elbow on the same side do some kind of side crunch Although it is somewhat similar to Spider-Man, but in a side position.

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This article was originally published by Victor Falcone in November 2018 and has been revised for republishing.

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