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100 days to fall in loveIt has positioned itself as one of the most watched TV series on Netflix. A few months ago, it premiered the second season of the love story of Plutarco and Constanza, and immediately ranked among the top ten most viewed and to this day it still maintains its place.

Beyond the main plot, the story of the other characters succeeds in making viewers fall in love, evidenced by the endless gratitude the actor feels. Lucas Velasquez For the huge reception his character received in the Telemundo telenovela.

In an interview with today “The translator said he felt fortunate to be part of a project that has been positioned as one of Netflix’s most beloved subscribers.

“It’s been several months since it was released on Netflix, and I always see it in the top ten on the platform. There are times that fans are organizing to see it and make it in vogue, and since Season Two aired at least twice a month, I see it being the most viewed on the page,” Lucas said in a phone interview.

Lucas Velasquez is very grateful for the great welcome his character has received in his 100 Days to fall in love (Image: Telemundo)

But he also talked about the rumors that were starting to circulate about a possible third season and without a doubt, this generated a lot of expectations among his most loyal followers and this is what he said. Lucas Velasquez Around.

Will there be a third season in 100 Days of Love?

After the resounding success of the first and second seasons of 100 days to fall in loveIt was rumored that Netflix I’ll buy all the rights to capture the story and make another payment.

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Given this, Lucas He revealed that there are no plans to implement this project, as all the stories have closed their circle.

“There are no plans for new seasons. And I know? I think it’s better this way, because the ending didn’t leave a single loose ending. All of the characters ended, and they managed to close their tournaments, and it is already known what happened to each one, and what happened next. Pablo is a character I will remain.” Always in my heart, he has given me so many blessings, and in the end, I am grateful to have hosted him, but now we have to continue with new projects. ”It is to explain.

Lucas Velasquez confirms that all the characters who fell in love for 100 days have closed their circuit (Image: Telemundo)
Lucas Velasquez confirms that all the characters who fell in love for 100 days have closed their circuit (Image: Telemundo)

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