10 years after Eccemono, how was the grandmother who painted the painting that went viral

Thanks to his little talent in art, Cecilia Jimenez Zico He put his small town of Borja, with a population of only 5,000, on the world map. 10 years ago, on August 21, 2012, the newspaper Herald of Aragon Announcing the failed attempt of this Spanish grandmother, now 91, of restoration Eccehomo . painting From the Misericordia Protectorate of that city located 64 kilometers from Zaragoza.

So the old woman was mocked not only in Spain. The news spread far and wide and Borja was the target of the harshest jokes from all over the map. However, time puts things elsewhere.

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Today Borja is reborn thanks to his most famous grandmother. In the past 10 years, about 300,000 people from 130 countries have walked the city just to see the “work” and take pictures with them. These visits left a profit of 450,000 euros between tickets (one euro), photo rights and the sale of all kinds of souvenirs, it was reported. the scientist.

How is the Spanish grandmother today who tried to recover Eccehomo and who was the target of jokes around the world

Cecilia Jimenez Zico It wasn’t a good time when the result of his restorative attempt was known. From day to day, “Eccehomo” became known as “Eccemono” on social networks. Because of the laughter and ridicule she received, the 81-year-old suffered from anxiety attacks that tossed her into her bed.

“With all my good intentions, I did something I thought was right. Also, It’s not over yetThis woman, who was born on January 23, 1931 in Borja, apologized at the time.

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Cecilia Giménez Zueco standing next to the restored Eccehomo (Photo: El Siglo de Torreón)

Donna Cecilia, as all her neighbors know her, was a fan of painting who, with a little knowledge, wanted to restore a work of art exhibited in her town church, the famous “Eccehomo” of the famous artist Elia Garcia Martinezoil painting on the wall, about 50 cm high and 40 cm wide, from the 1920s.

Overnight he became the protagonist of all jokes. But soon her works, as an amateur painter, began to be sold at prices up to 3000 euros. Today, 10 years later, he is a celebrity in his hometown. But at the age of 91, he was not having a good time. She is in poor health and lives with her son, Jose Antonio, who has cerebral palsy, in a nursing home.

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A few years ago a stroke hit the right side of her body, and since then Donna Cecilia has been in a wheelchair.

The old woman continues to receive messages of affection from all over the world. s Keep emphasizing that the restoration is not over yet.

Borja City Council is organizing a ceremony to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Ikihomo Restoration

Meanwhile, Borja City Council is preparing to mark the 10th anniversary of the restoration of its most famous work. The event will honor Donna Cecilia, the woman who boosted the city’s economy. It is due in September.

Today, the distorted figure of Christ has become an icon of the Purja. Plus, the new face has been stamped on wine labels, keychains, teddy bears, thimbles, T-shirts, mobile apps, and even candy wrappers.

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Cecilia Jimenez Zwicko's work revolutionized her hometown
Cecilia Jimenez Zwicko’s work revolutionized her hometown

A portion of the income generated by visitors is handed over to Doña Cecilia. With this money she pays the expenses of the house in which she lives with her son.

The astonishing cultural and media phenomenon resulting from the failure of the Eccehomo استعادة restoration

But the cultural phenomenon that gave birth to the failed restoration does not cease to amaze. The new “Eccehomo” has inspired documentaries, doctoral theses and appeared in films, books, songs, comedies and operas with a humorous tone that will premiere in 2023 in Las Vegas, it is reported. the scientist. Cecilia starred in a video for the song Eccehomo written by the singer-songwriter Angel Petisme.

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Meanwhile, in Borja the first international museum of XYHOMO, which contains 26 unpublished panels about this work by authors from different parts of the planet. In addition, the town had, six years ago, a Eccehomo Interpretation Centerwhich studies the media phenomenon that was born around the failed restoration that put Borja on the world map.

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