10-year-old girl spends about 3,000 euros on Roblox and her mother can hardly get it back

He was only able to recover the money when his case appeared in the media.

Roblox is an online gaming platform created by its community of users.

Roblox is Massive online platform for games created by the community It is very popular among children in some countries, although some of these games are not strictly for children, and like any free game today, it may Strong monetization In the form of small payments that prompted a 10-year-old girl to spend About 3,000 euros. Money that if his mother could hardly recover.

It is said that roblox One of the great entertainment giants Along with Fortnite or Minecraft, since it brings together millions of players on a frequent basis, although over the years it has been the focus of criticism for the lack of control there published games on the platform and on communications between users. Remember that it is a platform with many underage users.

Roblox, Apple and the bank refused to return the money

We can also read in BBCThis story took place in Dengigshire, Wales, UK. 10-year-old daughter Georgina Munday I managed to spend £2,500 on Roblox (3095 euros to change), however Roblox refused to refund When he realized what had happened he complained to the platform. He only got his money back when his story came to light modes The BBC broadcast his case on the radio.

Munday says her daughter was able to change ipad password To be able to make purchases on Roblox without supervision and ended up spending £2,500 on One hundred batches of 20 pounds (24.75 euros). “We’ve just seen hundreds of transactions, so Panic ensuedhe told the BBC.

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This mom had a “hard time” after her manzana and your local bank, Tesco BankThey will refuse to give your money back. Until he calls you famous BBC Radio 4 consumer programmeWhere he presented his case. Her bank did not contact her until then and They returned the money. “I cried, it was such a relief,” he told the BBC.

This brave mom invites the rest of the dads Be “watchful” of what your children do in these types of games. “Kids are one step ahead of parents these days,” he says. “We thought this roblox game was pretty innocentIt seems very basic. There is a whole world in this Roblox game that we didn’t know anything about. They were just redirected to their user terms.

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