10 Ecuadorean destinations that have antivirus requirements

Changes are permanent. the diffusion of new cases COVID-19, in connection with the emergence of the Omicron variant, forced countries to establish new rules for entering travelers.

In this month for example, ColombiaThat did not require documents or evidence for foreigners, imposed new conditions. United State s Ecuador They also have other protocols.

For details of the requirements travelers must meet from Ecuador In this season, which is considered high, to the top ten International Destinations, this newspaper consulted in Directorate of Civil Aviation (DAC), Travel agency, On the Ecuadorean Airlines Association (Arlay). also in Quiport, on the web pages of embassies And Ministry of Health.

Ian Louisa, Management Ian Travel, mentions that in recent weeks certain Countries They imposed stricter rules. For this reason, it is important for people to constantly educate themselves.

For example, to enter EE.UU. – The main international destination for Ecuadoreans – Since December 6, people must submit new requirements, according to information on the official website of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC, for its English acronym).

Regardless of proof COVID-19 negativeEvidence that the traveler has “received a full vaccination” must be provided. The provisions, for the time being, apply to all passengers traveling by plane aged two years or older.

“Whether or not they are citizens and have been vaccinated or not, they must submit a negative covid-19 viral test result or a covid-19 recovery certificate so they can board a flight to the United States,” Page says Center for Disease Control.

In addition, it is important that it be used on the fly in a file duty A true mask. Surgical masks with three folds or higher are recommended (KN95, N95). In some countries, such as Chile, cloth fabrics are not allowed.

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Travelers arrive at EE.UU. They must also fill out a form stating that none of them are present sign of illness the suspicion to contract this disease.

To the south of the continent, in Panama – The second most requested destination of Ecuadoreans – The situation is more flexible.

In this Central American country, which serves as a stop to address others the placesThe only requirement to submit is a vaccination certificate with full scheme. The document must state that at least 14 days have passed since the second dose.

Meanwhile, on the European continent, in Madrid (Spain) – the third major destination for Ecuadorians – More action is needed, as Ecuador is considered a risky country, according to Spanish government.

Silvia Barra, Director of Mompotravel Agency, explains that users should fill out a file health monitoring form and get QR Code. These entries are available on the website https://spth.gob.es/.

Besides, Madrid demands a certificate Vaccination, PCR or negative antigen testing is performed at least 72 hours before arrival.

Bara, who traveled to this city last October, comments on this documentation In the rule allowed to enter without setbacks. Although he realizes that getting into the airport ‘counter’ takes longer.

on average, station crew Verification of these papers, passport and visa each takes about five minutes passenger.

Between January and November this year, 1.1 million people They traveled abroad, from Ecuador, according to information from DAC.

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