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Sporting Crystal University and Sports (live, online and live stream) The Strength to Strength match is today Sunday, October 9, starting at 3:30 pm, on the 14th of League Final 1 2022. The Sky Blues could take an important step towards the title of competition if they beat the creams in the most important match that Peruvian football has given us.

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Follow the latest events minute by minute from the match crystal vs. LIVE University, online and live.

duels between Crystal and Yu They are not considered classics. However, neither fan wants to see their team lose to the other for any reason. For this reason, a giant Jose Diaz statue is expected to be greeted as if it were a classic, and above all, because either of them could win the trophy of the season.

How, when and where to see Cristal vs. academic?

crystal vs. academic Final Tournament, League 1 2022
1. When do they play? Sunday 9 October 2022
2. Where’s the party? The National Stadium in Lima, Peru
3. What TV channel broadcasts? GOLPERU, GOLTV and Movistar Play
4. What time do they play? 3:30 p.m. (Peruvian time)
5. How can I watch it online? Follow MINUTE by MINUTE for Trome.pe

Despite the bad start, the one he leads Roberto Mosquera They have managed to reclaim history after history thanks to a streak of 21 undefeated matches (almost 5 months undefeated) and the last match which ended with a 1-0 win over ADT at Tarma confirmed that Blue Sky aims with everything to win it. Twenty-first star.

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academicIn the meantime, he’s also going through a special moment at the hands of the coach Carlos Companucci. Meringue thrashed Carlos Manucci 3-0 and is hoping to close the gap at Remenese in the key period of the struggle for the national championship.

Possible lineups between Sporting Crystal and University of Deportes Deportes

  • Sporting Crystal: Alexandre Duarte, Johan Madrid, Omar Merlo, Gianfranco Chavez, Nelson Loyola; Horacio Clatera, Martin Tavara, Yoshimar Yotin; Leandro Sosa, Alejandro Hoberg and Irvine Avila.
  • academic: Jose Carvalho. Aldo Corzo, Piero Guzman, Federico Alonso, Nilenio Quina; Jorge Murugara, Jordan Geffen; Piero Quispi, Alberto Quintero, Andy Polo; Alexander Sokar.

What time does sporting crystal vs. Sports university?

The match between Sporting Cristal and Universitario de Deportes begins at 3:30 pm in Lima.

  • 3:30 pm. Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Washington DC (USA) and Panama
  • 4:30 pm Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Canada and Costa Rica
  • 5:30 pm. Argentina, Uruguay, Chile
  • 6:30 pm. Brazil
  • 10:30 pm. Spain, Italy, Germany and France

What channel does sporting crystal vs. Sports university?

party that star Sporting Cristal and Universitario de Deportes in Peru will be broadcast by GOL PERÚ, available on Movistar TV and the Movistar Play app. You will be able to watch the game abroad with GOLTV Internacional, GOLTV Spanish, ViX, Star + and Fanatiz signal.

  • Argentina – GolTV Latin America and ViX
  • Bolivia – ViX and GolTV Latin America
  • Brazil – Star +
  • Chile – ViX, Peru Magico and GolTV in Latin America
  • Colombia – GolTV Latin America and ViX
  • Costa Rica – GolTV Latin America, Star + and ViX
  • Dominican Republic – GolTV Latin America, ViX and Star +
  • Ecuador – GolTV Latin America and ViX
  • El Salvador – GolTV Latin America, ViX and Star +
  • Guatemala – GolTV Latin America, ViX and Star +
  • Honduras – GolTV Latin America, ViX and Star +
  • Mexico – GolTV Latin America, ViX, Star +, Fanatiz Mexico
  • Nicaragua – GolTV Latin America, ViX and Star +
  • Panama – ViX, GolTV Latin America, Star +
  • Paraguay – ViX
  • PERU – GOL PERU and Movistar Sports
  • United States – VIX +, GOLTV, Peru Magico, GolTV Espanol
  • Uruguay – GolTV Latin America and ViX
  • Venezuela – GolTV Latin America, Magical Peru and ViX
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Where to see GOLPERÚ LIVE, Cristal vs. academic?

  • Channels 114 SD and 814 HD on satellite Movistar TV
  • Channels 14 SD and 714 HD on cable Movistar TV
  • Channel 14 SD star globalcom

The National Stadium of Lima will be the scene of the match Cristal vs. academic

The most important stadium in Peru will host the match between Cristal and Universitario.

See more information in the Trom newspaper.

Sporting Crystal vs.  Universitario: bets, tables and where to see the League Classic 1
Sporting Crystal vs. The classic game will be played by Universitario de Deportes on the 15th date of the ATP Finals.

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